Homeownership and Family

Here’s a testimonial of a homeowner


In this crazy and tumultuous housing market, many people may think that home ownership is more of a liability than a positive investment. While home ownership does have its challenges, it also comes with numerous benefits, especially to families who take the home owner route. Home ownership means different things to different people, and for my husband and me, owning a home has always been a goal for us and means stability, pride of ownership, sense of community and so much more.

Financial stability—not only do we have equity built into our home that we can use for other financial needs, owning a home has taught us financial responsibility by budgeting for a mortgage and home insurance each month. To help be prepared for unforeseen home expenses, we’ve also created an emergency fund that we can use for home expenses, as well as other emergency expenses.

Sense of community—obviously, community can be found wherever you are, but there is something about belonging to a neighborhood as a home owner. Our neighborhood is the ideal place to raise our kids, with safe streets, neighborhood events and a sense of community. There is still something special in being able to go next door to borrow a cup of sugar or have a neighbor take care of your pets while you’re gone.

Pride of ownership—owning a home has given us pride of ownership and will be a great way to teach our kids the same. Because we own it and are paying for it with our own hard work, our home means so much more than a place to live. We will be able to teach our kids how to care for their own home some day and feel that same pride of ownership.

And just so you don’t think we’re totally naïve, owning a home does come with its own unique challenges as well. As a one-income family, there is always the fear of my husband losing his job and us not being able to pay our mortgage. However, because we have taken pride in our home and its upkeep, we rest easier knowing we could always sell if needed. Additionally, all of the unseen and unspoken costs of homeownership can be a burden if not you’re not prepared for them. Also, at times, upkeep and maintenance can take time away from family and friends. For us, however, we try and turn those times into family times and have everyone help where they can. Even the challenges of owning a home can turn into positive experiences!


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Lindsey T