Helpful Resources – Westfield

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Electric:  Duke Energy – 800-521-2232

Gas:  Citizens Gas – 317-924-3311

Water:  Municipal Water Works – 317-867-1116

Telephone:  AT&T – 800-742-8771

Public Services

Police:  Westfield Police – 317-896-5236

Fire Department:  Westfield Fire – 317-896-2704

Library:  Westfield Washington Public Library – 317-896-9391

Post Office:  Westfield Post Office – 800-275-8777


In 1834, the town of Westfield was a thriving village consisting of 800 inhabitants. Simon Moon, the first settler, established his residence in what is now the center of town.

Westfield has a Quaker background, as it was influenced by the Quaker Friends Church.

The town of Westfield is governed by a 5-member Town Council and a Clerk/Treasurer, both elected to 4-year terms.

Washington Township, in which Westfield is located, elects one member of the Board of Trustees, and elects a 3-member Advisory Board to the 4-year terms.