Downsizing in Carmel Westfield

As more and more baby boomers are considering downsizing in the Carmel Westfield area it poses several questions. The first question often asked is ‘should I downsize or just stay put’? For many the answer to this question has a lot to do with finances and convenience.  Due to the economic downturn several boomers have been impacted adversely.  The term ‘nest egg’ has gone by the wayside for many which creates a challenge and the possible need for downsizing.  Staying put may be the best decision if one’s house is paid for or carries a small balance before being paid off.  In that case it may make more sense to update and stay in your existing home rather than downsize to a new home.

On the other hand a lot of homes where boomers raised their families are no longer convenient in terms of space.  There may be more rooms than needed since children are in college and also it may become too much to clean. Many baby boomers are seeking opportunities to relax and have more social time.  Cleaning large homes can get in the way of one’s desired ‘free time’ and downsizing becomes a viable solution. If you want to downsize there are homes with less sq. footage within affordable price ranges in the Carmel Westfield area.

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