Presenting the Short Sale Package Carmel Westfield IN

Presenting the Short Sale Package 

When a Carmel or Westfield IN homeowner decides that the short sale process is right for him, he starts the process by submitting a short sale stacks of paperpackage to the lender. The short sale package includes important documents from the seller, with the exact documents needed varying depending on the lender. Typically, the short sale package includes:

— A cover letter explaining the reason for requesting a short sale or financial hardship

— Authorization to release information

— Seller’s financial information including two years of tax returns, two months of pay stubs and two months of bank statements

— Documentation of hardship including items like HOA liens, medical/disability bills, past due notices

The short sale package may also need some documents regarding the property itself. Here’s where the help of a real estate agent like myself is so important. I can put together these items for the seller and help him create a strong short sale package.  These additional documents include:

— Repair estimates for the property, if needed

— Comparable sales for the property

— Seller’s net sheet

— Mortgage payoff amounts

— Initial title report

For more in depth information on the short sale package, go here.

Don’t try to navigate the short sale process by yourself. Let me help you present the best short sale package to your lender and aid you through the process step by step. Lenders are very picky in what documents they require and often times require additional documents as the process goes along. Some lenders ask for paper copies of all documents, while others want everything submitted online. As your real estate agent, I will oversee the process and be your advocate, acting as the liaison between you and the lender, taking away any additional stress from you.