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10 Reasons to List Your Home in the Fall

Posted in Carmel/Westfield Neighborhoods on October 5th, 2017 by Anna Stout – Be the first to comment

Are you wondering if you should put your house on the market during the fall? Oftentimes potential Sellers ask this question because they are concerned about the upcoming holidays and the change in weather. So, I’ve listed a few points you might want to consider:

  • There are still many buyers in our market who were not able to find the home
    of their dreams because demand has been high and inventory has been low.
  • Buyers have fewer houses to choose from during the winter months, and less
    competition for you is a good thing!
  • Since the supply of listings will dramatically increase in the spring, there will
    be less demand for your particular home in the fall. Less demand now means
    more money for you!
  • Some people must buy to reinvest “tax free exchange funds” for tax reasons!
  • January is traditionally the month for employees to begin new jobs. Since
    transferees cannot wait until spring to buy, you need to be on the market
    during the holidays to capture that market!
  • Even though your house will be on the market, you still have the option to
    restrict showings during the days you would prefer not to have people in the
  • Most people think they should list in March and April. So, listing ahead of
    time, you can be one of only a limited number of properties available.
  • Builders have really cut back on new construction inventory homes during
    the fall & winter, so buyers are forced to buy preowned homes.
  • By selling now, you may have an opportunity to be a non-contingent buyer
    during the spring, when many more houses are on the market for less money.
    This could allow you to sell high and buy low!
  • You can sell now for more money, and arrange for a delayed closing or
    extended temporary lease back (extended occupancy) until early next year!

Homes currently listed in Carmel Westfield

Please contact us for a showing 317-828-0299


Carmel to improve city zoning ordinance-5 min code

Posted in Carmel Real Estate News, New Home Construction on March 27th, 2017 by Anna Stout – Be the first to comment

City of Carmel                                                                One Civic Square, Carmel, IN 46032


Date:            March 22, 2017

Contact:      Nancy Heck (317) 571-2474

Release:       Immediate 

Carmel to replace, improve city zoning ordinance

Fewer pages / 3 new zoning districts / ‘5-Minute’ code 

CARMEL, IN – After an 18-month long review of the City of Carmel’s subdivision control and zoning ordinance, planners with the Department of Community Services unveiled a new and improved version that streamlines topics, adds helpful images, eliminates redundancies and has about 80 fewer pages. The proposed ordinance also establishes three new zoning districts to better reflect the unique growth trends of the city, eliminates three outdated districts and promises to make it easier for users to quickly find what they need.

While this is a complete replacement ordinance and zoning map, most of the content remains the same as the existing ordinance. The proposed new Unified Development Ordinance replaces both the subdivision control and existing zoning ordinances.

“This is long overdue. Carmel’s zoning ordinance has been modified many times over the years, but the changes we are making this time will help us do a better job of guiding our unique growth in redevelopment areas, such as Midtown, as well as the U.S. 31 Corridor and other rapidly changing areas of our city,” said Mayor Jim Brainard. “We also paid close attention to making this new ordinance easier to use for developers and residents. We are calling this our ‘5-Minute Code’ because our goal is to make it possible for anyone, not just attorneys, to find what they need in five minutes or less.”

The proposed new Unified Development Ordinance was introduced Tuesday night, March 21, at the Carmel Plan Commission, which will review the changes, host a public hearing and send it to the Carmel City Council for final approval. The City contracted with Bradley Johnson of Ground Rules to review and update the ordinance.

There are no substantial changes proposed to residential areas in the city.

Among the notable new features:

  • Three new zoning districts have been added: Urban Residential, Urban Core and Office Core. These districts will emphasize “mixed-use” trends in Carmel’s redevelopment areas such as Midtown.
  • With changes proposed for the Meridian Corporate Corridor, it will be possible for the first time to mix residential and office units the same building, something previously prohibited. Changes have also been made to setbacks and landscaping rules to encourage more infill development.
  • Three existing zoning districts have been removed: Agricultural (AG) and Manufacturing I (M-1), districts covering large farms and heavy, intense manufacturing that have become obsolete as the city has developed and do not appear on the existing map; and Old Meridian District (OM) which served its original purpose to introduce mixed-use development to the area. The new mixed-use districts will largely replace the OM District. Farming is still a permitted use but will be regulated under another zoning classification.
  • All legal definitions within the ordinance have been placed under a single section, instead of being scattered throughout the document.
  • References to various steps in zoning have been made more consistent, replacing the current use of multiple acronyms and titles.
  • Helpful boxes, color icons and hyperlinks have been added throughout the new ordinance so that online users can quickly point and click their way to their desired information.

A public hearing will be held at the Carmel Plan Commission on April 18. You can find an overview and a copy of the proposed ordinance on the City of Carmel website here:

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Stay Updated City of Carmel Construction Schedule

Posted in Carmel/Westfield Neighborhoods, Community Events on March 3rd, 2017 by Anna Stout – Be the first to comment

City of Carmel                                                                One Civic Square, Carmel, IN 46032




Date:            February 28, 2017

Contact:      Nancy Heck (317) 571-2474

Release:       Immediate


2017 Road Improvement Plans

for Carmel Announced


CARMEL, IN – The City of Carmel has a very aggressive construction schedule for 2017 and it will be important for you to plan ahead to make sure your regular routes are available and if not, to determine your best detour before you head out the door.


To help you stay connected, please take a moment to download the CarmelLink app so that you will have access to the latest road construction updates. Please note that the CarmelLink app requires the use of the Waze app, so you will be prompted to download that as well.


While we are providing a snapshot of projects planned for 2017, please remember there are many variables that affect the exact start and finish dates. We will send notices of closures or detours closer to the beginning of construction.


The projects below are listed under the month in which they will begin. There are various timelines for completion. For details, go to Direct links are provided below when available.





Main Street Drainage improvement, 4th Avenue SW to Guilford Road

Towne Road Trail, 96th  Street to 106th  Street

Lake Shore Drive East Culvert replacement, just South of 106th Street

106th Street Culvert replacement, Michigan Road to Shelborne Road

            Greentree Drive Culvert replacement

Spring Mill Phase 2 boulevard reconstruction

126th Street improvement, Range Line Road to Keystone Avenue




            River Road reconstruction, Community Drive to 146th Street

116th Street and Towne Road Roundabout

126th Street and Gray Road Roundabout

136th Street and Gray Road Roundabout

Gray Road Culvert replacement, south of 146th Street

Ditch Road Path Project, 106th Street to 116th Street

Range Line Road and City Center Roundabout



Old Town Alley and Storm Water improvements

Carmel Drive and City Center Drive Roundabout



96th Street and Delegates Row Roundabout

96th Street and Gray Road Roundabout

Guilford Road and City Center Drive Roundabout

106th Street and Towne Road Roundabout

116th Street and Hazel Dell Parkway Roundabout



Range Line Road reconstruction 136th Street to U.S. 31 overpass

Range Line Road and 136th Street Roundabout adjustment

4th Street NW reconstruction

5th Street NE curb construction



Range Line Road and 4th Street Roundabout

Guilford Road and Carmel Drive Roundabout

Monon Boulevard Construction, City Center Drive to Main Street


Fall 2017

            96th Street and Hazel Dell Road Roundabout

Range Line Road and Executive Drive Roundabout

96th Street and Priority Way Roundabout

Carmel Drive and Old Meridian Street Roundabout

96th Street and Keystone Parkway interchange (preliminary work)

Gray Road and Main Street Roundabout

Range Line Road reconstruction, 116th Street to Main Street

Foster Estates drainage improvements

Main Street Path project, Harrowgate Drive to Cool Creek Court

Carey Road Path project, Hawthorne Drive to Edinburg Drive

Shelborne Road Path project, 106th Street to 116th Street





South West Clay Storm Water and Multi-use Path

Several multi-use paths are being added to the South West Clay area, as the City continues to make improvements set forth in the annexation agreement with this area. Nearly all of the work will happen off the roadway, primarily along Ditch Road, Towne Road  and Shelborne Road. All these projects, including roundabout construction, will improve pedestrian connectivity and storm water mitigation in this area.



Crooked Stick Drainage / Storm Water and Multi-use Path

A variety of drainage issues in the crooked Stick area will be improved by this project, which will also include construction of multi-use paths on the west side of Ditch Road between 106th and 116th Streets.  Storm drainage improvements also will be included as part of this project, which is expected to be completed by mid-July, 2017.



West Carmel Drive Path Project

One westbound lane on Carmel Drive will be closed during construction of a new path to connect U.S. 31 to Keystone Parkway, a project that began last fall. Expect lane restrictions to resume once weather permits construction to begin again. The path will link existing path along the north edge of West Carmel Drive, just west of 3rd Avenue to the intersection near North Clark Street. This portion of the city’s path project is expected to conclude in April, 2017.



126th Street Improvements between Range Line Road and Keystone Avenue

Road improvements have been underway, including multi-use paths and storm water management, since last year. In 2017, traffic will be maintained in the westerly direction for the duration of the project. This project is anticipated to last until summer of 2017.

Detour Route: Use Main Street and 116th Street for eastbound traffic. Keystone Parkway and Guilford Avenue will be main routes connecting drivers to eastbound detour routes.



Spring Mill Road Improvements

Beginning in March, Spring Mill Road will be closed between Millridge Drive and 106th Street for three months to reconstruct Spring Mill Road and replace a large culvert. Meanwhile, work that began last year will continue on Spring Mill Road and motorists should expect lane restrictions and closures.


CarmelLink 2.0 Update

CARMEL LINK 2.0 is a concentrated infrastructure improvement program that will result in the completion of new roundabout intersections along Gray Road, 96th Street, Range Line Road, 116th Street, Guilford Road, Pennsylvania Street, Spring Mill Road, Towne Road, Keystone Parkway with a new interchange at 96th Street, storm water management and drainage improvement projects throughout the City of Carmel. It will also include the upgrade of a large section of Range Line Road and other miscellaneous improvements over the next three-years.




Sign up for email alerts and updates at


For any remaining questions or concerns please contact City of Carmel Engineering Department at 317-571-2441 or email Engineering Administrator Joshua Kirsh at


Stay on top of the news by following the City of Carmel, on Social Media.


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Claybourne Estates Carmel IN

Posted in Carmel/Westfield Neighborhoods on January 4th, 2016 by Anna Stout – Be the first to comment

Getting to Know – Claybourne Estates

Claybourne Estates Carmel IN  located in west Carmel, near Shelbourne Road and Main Streetis another popular neighborhood with Carmel homebuyers. All 216 homes in the neighborhood were built between 2002 and 2008, providing homebuyers with newer finishes and amenities. The homes are mostly two-story traditional brick homes with basements.

The homeowners’ association plans all kinds of community activities including ice cream socials, pool parties and garage sales. The subdivision also has a neighborhood watch program, swimming pool and playground. Along with the amazing neighborhood amenities, you’ll also get award-winning Carmel Clay schools including West Clay Elementary and Creekside Middle schools. You’re also close to many retailers and restaurants, as well as Meridian Street, I-465 and the Indianapolis International Airport.

When looking at homes in Claybourne, you’ll find that most have at least 3,000 square feet and four to five bedrooms, lots of space for growing families. Home prices for Claybourne Estates range from the low $300s to the mid $300s. If you want to find your dream home here, let me help walk you through the process!

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Jackson’s Grant on Williams Creek Carmel IN

Posted in Carmel/Westfield Neighborhoods on January 4th, 2016 by Anna Stout – Be the first to comment

Getting to Know – Jackson’s Grant

Coming soon to Carmel, Jackson’s Grant on Williams Creek is a unique neighborhood with seven different small neighborhoods in it for Carmel homebuyers to choose from. The neighborhood sits at 116th and Springmill Road and includes 280 acres of wooded lots with streams. Fifteen acres are already preserved woods with trails, giving residents paths to explore and enjoy nature.

The neighborhood gets its name from the fact it is built on land that was passed down in a grant from President Andrew Jackson. The developers have taken great pains to assure that the beautiful landscape is maintained, keeping trees, creeks and grasslands intact. When you purchase a lot, you can choose from a list of pre-approved home designs or submit your own plants to the Architectural Review Committee.

Jackson’s Grant Communities

Smaller neighborhood choices within the larger Jackson’s Grant community include Stableside, with a tight-knit community feel; Bridgemont, offering maintenance-free homes; Westvale, open to custom home designs; and Creekside, for single-family homes. Other options also include Hamlet, full of patio homes; Northvale, offering large secluded lots; and Exmoor, with a Euro-Village vibe.





Listing Your Home During the Holidays

Posted in Carmel/Westfield Neighborhoods on November 30th, 2015 by Anna Stout – Be the first to comment

Listing Your Home During the Holidays

If you’re thinking of listing your home at the end of the year, or your home is still on the market when the holidays roll around it’s a well-known fact that home sales drop off come the end of the year. Just because business slows down in the real estate world, doesn’t mean you can’t sell your house around the holidays. So check out these quick tips for a little help for the holiday season:

1). Still put up your decorations…but when you do, keep them simple. Don’t overdo it. Many buyers will love seeing your house all decked out for the holidays and decorations can make your house feel more comfortable and homey.Listing your home for the holiday- Anna Stout

2). Don’t neglect the outside…even though the weather might be frightful, take care of your exterior. Rake up leaves, trim bushes and pull out dead flowers. Make sure paint isn’t peeling off the siding or windows. Remember to bring in delivered packages right away off your front porch, so buyers are tripping over them when they come for a showing.

3). Serve cookies and hot chocolate…when you have a showing, set out freshly-baked Christmas cookies and have Christmas music playing softly in the background. Host an open house with cookies and a hot chocolate or coffee bar. Burn candles with yummy Christmas scents before buyers come over.

4). Be patient if you are listing your home during the holidays…the number of buyers during this time of year is lower than normal, so you might not get the traffic you want. Stay patient! Enjoy the season and try not to stress over your house being on the market.


And, contact me if you have any questions about selling your home or if you are looking to purchase a home. I’ll help walk you through the process and help you find the home of your dreams.

Brookshire Homes for Sale Carmel IN

Posted in Carmel/Westfield Neighborhoods on October 19th, 2015 by Anna Stout – Be the first to comment

Getting to Know – Brookshire 

The Brookshire community offers Carmel Indiana homebuyers a central location and family-friendly neighborhood in the heart of Carmel. Located between 116th and 126th Streets, just off Gray Road, Brookshire is close to many of Carmel’s best amenities including the Monon Center, Clay Terrace, Arts and Design District and a plethora of other shopping, dining and entertainment options. The neighborhood also feeds into the award-winning Carmel Clay School District.

Brookshire is an established neighborhood which features ranch and two-story family homes. Prices start in the low $200s. The neighborhood pool has two pools, including a baby pool and also offers a swim team for kids in the community. Throughout the year, the Brookshire Homeowners Association throws various parties and events including pool parties, garage sales and Halloween parties. Brookshire also has a golf course, with memberships available for purchase.

If you want to make Brookshire your neighborhood, contact me and I’ll help you find your Carmel Indiana dream home!

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2015 2nd Quarter Market Update Carmel, IN Real Estate

Posted in Carmel Market Update on July 27th, 2015 by Anna Stout – Be the first to comment

In the second quarter of 2015, the Carmel real estate market stayed steady from the previous year. The number of homes that sellers put on the market decreased by only one percent, with 718 listed in 2014 and 715 listed in 2015. Pending listings held steady too with a six percent change from 2014. More homes sold in the second quarter of 2015, jumping 16 percent; 535 homes sold in 2015 and 459 in 2014. Those homes also sold 15 percent faster, selling in an average of 69 days in 2015 and 60 days in 2014. The average list price to sales price also increased slightly to 98 percent, up from 97 percent in 2014.

Carmel Real Estate Statistics—2nd Quarter, April-June 2015
2nd Quarter 2015 2nd Quarter 2014 % Change
Listed homes 715 718 -1%
Sold listings 535 459 16%
Pending listings 73 77 -6%
Average Sales Price $360,889 $369,826 -3%
Low Sales Price $64,300 $70,000 -9%
High Sales Price $2,650,000 $1,971,000 34%
Average Days on Market 69 60 15%
Average List Price to Sale Price 98% 97% 1%

Source: MIBOR, April 1-June 30, 2014 and 2015

* This information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.


New Home Construction Carmel Westfield IN builders

Posted in New Home Construction on November 8th, 2014 by Anna Stout – Be the first to comment

Find new construction and builders in Carmel Westfield IN along with other real estate and homes for sale in Carmel Westfield Indiana

Builder Communities Served Price Range
Arbor Sonoma – Westfield

Spring Orchard – Westfield

$136,990 – $185,990

$154,990 – $195,990

Beazer Keeneland Park – Westfield

Walnut Ridge Estates – Westfield

From $229,000

From $375,000

Bedrock Builders Bridgewater – Carmel

Brookside – Westfield

Oak Manor – Westfield

Castalia Castalia
DB Klain Village of West Clay – Carmel
Drees Stafford Place – Carmel

Bridgewater Club – Carmel

From $514,000

$390,000 – $524,000

Estridge Bridgewater – Westfield

Brookside – Westfield

Oak Manor – Westfield

Freeman Custom Homes Oak Manor – Westfield
G&G Custom Homes G&G Custom Homes
Justus Builders Westwood Estates – Carmel
Kent Shaffer Builders Brenwick at Village of West Clay – Carmel
Kosene and Kosene The Commons at City Center – Carme

lMonon and Main – Carmel

McKensie Collection Villas at West Clay – Carmel

Jackson’s Grant at Willams Creek – Carmel

Bridgewater Commons at the Bridgewater Club – Carmel

Waterford at the Bridgewater Club – Carmel

Wintergreen at the Bridgewater Club –Carmel

Chatham Hills – Westfield



Mid-$500,000s and up


Mid-$400,000s and up


$400,000s and up

M/I Homes Brookside – Westfield

Water’s Edge – Westfield

Hadley Grove – Carmel

Westmont – Carmel


High-$170s and up

$300,000s and up

Low-$300,000s and up

Paul Shoopman Countryside (Townhomes) – Westfield

Maple Knoll – Westfield

Abney Glen – Carmel

The Lakes at Towne Road – Carmel

$140,000s and up$160,000s and up$380,000s and up$290,000s and up
Pulte Viking Meadows – Westfield

Maple Knoll – Westfield

Longridge and Bellewood Estates – Carmel

The Woods at Lion’s Creek – Carmel

Village of West Clay – Carmel

Starting at $204,900

Starting at $207,900

Starting at $389,000

Starting at $575,000

Starting at $400,000

Ryland Bridgewater – CarmelLegacy – CarmelWestmont – Carmel Starting at $300,000

Starting at $300,000

Starting at $400,000

Ryan Homes Sanctuary – The Preserves – Carmel

Sanctuary – The Estates – Carmel

Legacy – Carmel

Low $360s

Upper $380s

Shamrock Villages of West Clay – Carmel

High Grove – Carmel

Tom McHaffie Builders Tom McHaffie Builders
Will Wright Building Corp Laura Vista – Carmel

Village of West Clay – Carmel


2014 3rd Quarter Market Update for Carmel, IN Real Estate

Posted in Carmel Market Update on October 21st, 2014 by Anna Stout – Be the first to comment

2014 3rd Quarter Market Update for Carmel, IN Real Estate

In the 3rd quarter of 2014, the Carmel real estate market stayed steady from the numbers the year before. The number of homes listed from July to September of 2014 dropped slightly, down to 571 listed in 2014 from 615 listed in 2013. Sold listings also fell by six percent, down to 527 from 556. Pending listings made a huge jump with 67 homes pending in 2014. The average sales price rose slightly, with homes selling for an average of $347,821 in 2014. Days on market fell from 61 in 2013 to 59 in 2014 and the average list price to sale price remained the same.

Carmel Real Estate Statistics—3rd Quarter, July-September 2014
3rd Quarter 2013 3rd Quarter 2014 % Change
Listed homes 615 571 -8%
Sold listings 556 527 -6%
Pending listings 11 67 609%
Average Sales Price $321,325 $347,821 8%
Low Sales Price $67,000 $60,000 -11%
High Sales Price $2,200,000 $1,900,000 -14%
Average Days on Market 61 59 -4%
Average List Price to Sale Price 97% 97% n/a

Source: MIBOR, July 1-September 30, 2013 and 2014

* This information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.


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